About Nuance Medical

Nuance Medical is a leading designer, developer, and marketer of branded and private label medical products. The Company was formed in 2013 to develop innovative products in underserved, niche markets within healthcare.

Our legacy national brand, CryoDose, includes multiple FDA-cleared cryotherapy and topical anesthetic products distributed to over 25,000 offices and hospitals throughout the U.S.

In 2022, we acquired Biodermis, a leading designer and marketer of wound care and silicone scar management products used by patients of dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and other practitioners in the U.S. and over 50 countries.

In 2023, we acquired Beutlich Pharmaceuticals and its HurriCaine brand, a leader in the topical anesthetic market serving both medical and dental professionals in the US and internationally.

We cultivate quality brands and align with proven leaders who share our mission. We are intentional about who we work with, because we strive for lasting success over short term profit. Relationships and trust matter most.

Our vision is big and our team is expanding. If you own a company in the medical product sector and you’re ready to grow with purpose, let’s have a conversation about what’s possible. 

Our Capabilities

Nuance has fulfillment facilities in CA, NV, and FL, and sells into 50+ countries through our international distributor relationships. Nuance’s capabilities include product development, international distribution, sales and marketing expertise, deep relationships with the largest healthcare distributors in the US.

Experienced Team and Board

Nuance is led by a team of seasoned executives and board members with decades of experience building successful healthcare companies.

Sales and Marketing Expertise

Nuance leverages multiple sales channels across a variety of healthcare end markets. Our Marketing team helps us effectively reach new customers.

International Distribution

Nuance's family of products are sold into more than 50 countries today, through a network of established and trusted distributors.

Deep Relationships

Nuance is a trusted supplier to some of the largest healthcare distributors in the world.

Product Development

We have the capabilities to develop innovative new products, and source them through our close supplier relationships.

OperationAl Infrastructure

Nuance leverages shared back-office resources for our brands. We are constantly investing to enhance our capabilities.

Let’s have a conversation about your career and life goals.
We’ll design a partnership that best serves your company, and you. 

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