Stay true to all you’ve built.

Become part of something bigger.

Why Partner with Nuance Medical?

Transitioning ownership from the company you’ve led with care is a delicate decision. It requires trust and intentionality to find the right partner. You should determine the role you play in the next chapter. Focus on what you love, leverage new resources to offload what you do not, and ensure your product and team continue to prosper.

We’re here to help you have it all: the right level of involvement for your best life, and the assurance that your business is in good hands for the next stage of its growth. 

Preserve Your Legacy, Empower Your Vision

You’ve poured your sweat and soul into growing your business, so it would be tragic to sell to someone that would diminish your brand and dismantle what you’ve created.

When we partner with a business, we commit for long-term, sustainable growth.

We will preserve the integrity of all you’ve developed: your brand, your team, your culture. And we’ll devote our passion, talent and capital to cultivating your company’s highest potential.

What’s Possible for Your Business?

You can only achieve so much on your own when you have finite time and limited funds. What if uniting with a family of complementary brands could supercharge your company’s growth? What if partnering with a committed team of experts would give your business every resource it needs to prosper beyond what you’ve imagined?

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When you entrust your company with Nuance Medical, we’ll nurture its growth and provide potent resources for success, including:

Expert Leadership

Our experienced executive team and board will guide your company with a steady hand and clear vision through the next phase of its development and beyond. Many on our team have also transitioned from being a company owner to a Nuance Medical partner and can skillfully support you and your team through the change.

Capital for Growth

The next chapter of growth can take significant capital to achieve. With a long-term mindset, we invest today to accelerate those initiatives and unlock that potential sooner than you might be able to on your own.

Expansive Markets

Our established relationships with healthcare professionals, distributors, consumers and international markets will open vast new channels for your brand, so your product can reach more of the people you aim to serve.

A Cooperative Family of Aligned Brands

Unite with our respected brands, and immediately boost the value of your brand, too. With opportunities for cross-selling and collaboration, everyone triumphs when we play as a team. When it makes sense, we’ll even acquire respected competitors so they become allies rather than rivals. 

What’s Possible for You?

As an owner, it’s never strictly business: you’ve powered your company with passion and grit to achieve your success. It’s personal. So naturally, growth and change for your company means growth and change for you, too.

Where do you want to go from here? 

When you partner with Nuance Medical, you have options for your role in the next chapter of your company. Which is right for you?

Transition with Confidence

Are you committed to finding a happy home for your company? We can give you the freedom to confidently pass the torch, preserve your legacy, and ensure your business continues to thrive beyond you.

Supercharge Your Vision

Are you driven on a mission, and just need access to the expertise, resources and capital to make it happen? You can continue to steer your company, and we can help you reach your goals faster, bigger, smarter. 

Do Less, Have More

Ready to step away from daily operations while reaping the rewards of your brand’s new growth? You can rollover equity, or buy into Nuance Medical, and participate in the prosperity as an owner. 

Join Our Mission

Do you have ambitions of growing with a talented team, and building something greater than you could create on your own? We welcome savvy leaders aligned with our mission to join us at the table. Bring your vision and skill, and activate more of your personal and financial growth potential, too. 

Partner Experiences

"George and I wanted to take our company to the next level but step back a bit from running the business day-to-day. We were looking for a partner with the insight, resources, and connections to help us achieve this goal. MD Holdings has been the perfect partner for us."
Marc Lieberman
Co-Founder, Nuance Medical
"We were able to meet our goals for a transition and be part of future growth by rolling meaningful equity into the new company. MD Holdings is building a strong management team around Mark Steele and was able to add expertise at the Board level that is already opening new doors for the business. I am excited to see what the future holds for Nuance Medical."
George Walker
Co-Founder, Nuance Medical
"We believe combining forces with Nuance Medical will further strengthen our 30-year position as the innovator in the scar management and post operative care market. We see greater efficiencies and opportunities to grow our market share globally. We have been extremely impressed by the team and are excited about collaborating on our shared vision of expanding our brand by working closely with such experienced professionals."
Jeff Schleuning, Ph.D. and Martin Mitchell
Founders, Biodermis Corporation

Let’s have a conversation about your career and life goals.
We’ll design a partnership that best serves your company, and you. 

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